Our senior team



Dragos I

With over 14 years experience in digital communication, digital marketing, digital research and ads campaign planning, Dragos is able to prototype, plan and manage the implementation of your company’s digital presence. He has a background in social sciences, with a degree in Human Computer Interaction and currently he’s an associate professor within the Sociology Department of the University of Bucharest.

Lead Developer

Ruxandra Mesina

Ruxandra has over 8 years experience in the business sector. She’s a multi-qualified expert specialized in IT&C and business solutions. Currently she leads our web applications development team. Her main area of expertise is e-commerce, followed by process automation and business optimization. She has a background in computer sciences and management, which gives her a 360 view of any B2B project.

UX/UI Designer

Marius Alexandru

Marius Alexandru is our lead UX/UI designer. He has a vast experience in prototyping, designing and implementing the front-end segments of our products. In his collaboration with our agency he has delivered over +300 projects. He has a background in social sciences and digital communications which gives him an edge while designing the perfect interface for your business.