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If you are searching for help in your journey, then you are in the right place!

Our Story

Zbabing was started in 2008 in Bucharest and from the start it was meant as a full-service agency. We won’t lie, it was a challenge! We started our journey when the economic crisis began to have a real impact on the market and we witnessed the cantering of the economy along a digital focused mindset. Year after year we grew and expanded our expertise. At first we provided our clients with graphic design and printing services for their branding needs. From the second year we started expanding our services and we began to create websites and other digital branding materials. By the third year we entered the e-commerce B2B market. Working with other agencies we started designing, prototyping, coding and implementing full e-commerce solutions. We helped our partners implement over +1000 online stores in the European market. From 2015 we expanded our portfolio of services to Social Media marketing, campaign management, media buying and communication strategies, thus helping our clients to increase their online presence and expand their market share. By the end of 2017 we found ourselves working on automation and feature expansions for our e-commerce clients. Currently we’re working on optimizing our solutions to better suit the market’s growing need for automation and custom developments. In 2020 we reached a new phase in our development, we started providing market intelligence services for our clients. We have the experience and expertise to implement systems that are able to measure the effectiveness of your website, of your marketing efforts and the engagement of your clients. From statistical representative surveys, to the way that visitors interact with your website, we are able to help you better understand how your business works and how to grow your client base.

We can offer you the full digital marketing spectrum of services. We will take your project from an idea and turn it into a market ready business.

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Pronounce loud “Zbabing!”

Zbabing! is the sound when a good idea hits you and you get down to work, Zbabing! the moment when you create and develop something from a simple sketch of an idea to a whole concept and realize “Yeah! That’s innovative”. We bring awareness in our design starting from businesses to all kinds of consumers, by putting our creativity to a test. We search in each business for the uniqueness, innovative inserting them into the visual identity.


Our Mission

Let’s make the Internet awesome together! We strongly believe that using our experience, creativity and energy we can make your brand be on the awesome side of the Internet. Our mission is to create awesome work that puts your brand in the spotlight and makes the Internet a more cheerful place.

Our philosophy

We live in a time when when design and art can get constructive in order to make your company’s identity come from segmental and complex words into visual compact and coherent brands, brands that impose themselves on the market and stand their ground in front of the competition. We firmly believe that in order to have a great product you need to have a good marketing and advertising team on your side. Zbabing is here to help guide you in this process.

Our Vision

Hard work yields high rewards! By working hard and always trying to be the best, we believe that you can gain experience and expertise thus becoming a trustworthy partner for your company. In order to help your clients to be the best, you have to be the best, this is our vision!

Core Values

Neutral and non-partisan 

We are Neutral and non-partisan. As long as your organization isn’t banned by law in the EU or in the US, or you are not intending to commit illegal or illicit acts using our work, we will help you attain your goals. We are professionals and we don’t let partisan politics dictate the way we do business.

We are a partner, not a contractor

In our experience we’ve encountered over a couple of hundreds of clients and we learned that good work is done in partnership with your agency. Our goal is, as much as it is yours, to grow your project like it is ours. We take upon ourselves the hard task of working at a project like it was our own.

Good ideas are a rare commodity

In an age of informational over saturation it is becoming increasingly hard to stand out from your competition. We believe that good ideas are rare therefore we choose very carefully which clients will benefit from them.

Mutual respect is the base for any project

We respect and care for every client, independent of his size. In order for us to do our job we only ask that we are treated with the same respect and attention that we offer to your project.